Shouldn't everyone thrive as they age?

We think so and you can help by giving today.

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There is a silver tsunami headed our way. By 2040, nearly one in four people in our community will be at least 65 years old. That will drastically impact people's lives. Will you help us?

"One in four" isn't just a number when it's someone you love… or you.

For more than a half-century, the South Florida Institute on Aging has helped to create a community where everyone thrives as they age.

  • Retired USAF veteran Robert Hynes, Jr. had challenges with alcohol recovery until he was assigned to a fellow vet through our Veterans Helping Veterans Program. "My 'Battle Buddy' gave me the support to know there was a light at the end of the tunnel," said Bob, who today volunteers to help other vets find their way.
  • Foster Grandparent volunteer Grandma Rosemary helps first grade students learn reading strategies to develop skills for reading and comprehension. No child's fate should be determined before they are seven years old and, without Grandma Rosemary, these young students could fall behind and never catch up.
  • Barbara Dewitt volunteers her time in the Relief for Caregiver program where her friendly visits give a much needed break to devoted caregivers.

The money spent on staying youthful in the anti-aging industry outspends the dollars spent on senior services four to one. Many times there is nowhere to turn for help.

Join with us and make a difference in our community "one" person at a time. Your gift of $25, $60, $100 or more will help those in need be more than a number. It will take everyone working together to meet the challenges ahead and ensure our community values aging.

Thank you for your support of our community and the South Florida Institute on Aging,

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